Consultant Forensic


The Walter La Pietra works as a consultant forensic regularly registered at the Ordinary Court of Tivoli Register of Technical Consultants (CTU) the Register Surveyors and Experts in Assessment and Evaluation of Real Estate at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Authorised Agent of the Real Estate Exchange Rome detector BIR official list.


In view of forensic you realize that two professionals are essential to assist you in a legal dispute, that the legal and forensic consultant, and the latter that we devote our attention. For forensic consultant means a competent and experienced professional who provides their performance in a dispute following a mandate given by the process, and in this case shall be referred to Technical Consultant Party (CTP), or by a judge and in this case shall be referred to briefly as Technical Consultant (CTU) civil or Assessor (Penal Field). In the first case, the CTP should be only one person competent in matters such as litigation, and expert legal proceedings, it is generally identified by the party which appointed him and brought him into contact with the lawyer appointed to prepare defense strategy of the client and that during the appraisals supervise the work of CTU with requests, comments, editors of memory techniques. Of fundamental importance is the synergy between the CTP and the lawyer appointed to constitute an adequate defense of his client. The CTU must instead do the task entrusted to it by the judge who usually summed up in response to a question in an allotted time. The appointment of a competent technician is usually done because the judge does not have the technical knowledge necessary to express an opinion on a given matter, which relies on the opinion of an auxiliary charge registered with the Court. The expert appointed by the court must carefully examine the files of the parties concerned, bring the body of assessors to ensure the carrying out of the investigation hearing, carry out all the necessary checks and provide the most appropriate advice to the question posed by the judge.

Here are some of the professional services provided:

  • Simple Rating Estimation
  • Synthetic Estimate
  • Analytical Estimate
  • Appraisals Swear
  • Revaluations Land Appraisals
  • Counseling techniques Party (CTP)
  • Market Research Real Estate